I am a Software Engineer

Christian Guimarães

I am a polyglot developer who loves to embrace other frameworks, languages, platforms and paradigms, as and when business problems require.

I’ve been working in the software industry since the mid-90’s where I worked as a system architect, developer and consultant on projects in a wide range of businesses.

Nowadays, I spend most of my spare time working with functional programming, Open Source projects and writing my own stuff.

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  • My main interest is programming languages, web development and software guided by tests. I'm always in pursuit of technologies that improves the software quality as well as the development process.

    Also, as a side interest, I try to apply together mathematics and computation. This means understand the interface between applied mathematics, numerical computation and the applications in software systems, focusing on new algorithms, their analysis and numerical results.

    I want to be part of an organization where technology matters, and the people in the organization know that it does. I want to be part of an organization comprised of smart collaborative people where my individual efforts can make a difference.

    I can contribute with an extensive experience writing robust, well-tested code. Also I have a frontend and user interface experience, but my massively work is focused on backend programming.

    I like to build software in short iterations. Working this way provides a continuous value and adapt the software to changing in the requirements.

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Technical Skills arrow right

  • Core Skills

    Software Engineering

    TDD (Test-Driven Development)

    REST API's

    Experienced with system operation being a long time *nix operator/user

  • Programming Languages

    Ruby, Javascript, Java

    Lisp, Clojure

    Shell Scripting

  • SQL/NoSQL Databases & In-memory data store

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle

    CouchDB, MongoDB

    Redis, Memcached

  • UI / UX

    Good notions of web design

    HTML5, CSS3, Saas

  • Version Control

    GIT, HG, SVN

  • Ruby Tooling & Frameworks

    Rails, Sinatra

    RSpec, Minitest

    Rack middleware

    Gems development


  • Javascript Tooling & Frameworks

    AngularJS, Backbone


    Jasmine, Karma


    HapiJS, ExpressJS


  • Java Tooling & Frameworks

    Java EE

    Spring MVC

    JBoss, Tomcat, Play Framework

    Hibernate, iBatis

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